Kissing Mr. Wrong

A month or two ago I was at the paperback launch in Bath of Kissing Mr. Wrong by local writer Sarah Duncan but only got round to reading it last week when it was a welcome distraction from the grim realities of jury service.  But although this is a light read, it certainly isn’t frivolous, … Continue reading Kissing Mr. Wrong

Tall order

What makes a book stand out from the crowd? Agents tell us they are looking for ‘good stories well told’. But in an age when everyone wants to write and very many can, being good simply isn’t enough. You actually have to be brilliant. So what constitutes brilliance exactly? In revamping a novel regarded as … Continue reading Tall order

Dancing Days

Our writing group is expecting a guest this week: local author and poet Lucy English. I confess I hadn’t read anything by Lucy until this week when I scuttled down to our local library just in time to pick up a copy of Our Dancing Days. This is a short but satisfying read set in … Continue reading Dancing Days

Not a chick in sight

Our golfing tour in Scotland (report and pics to follow) didn’t leave a lot of time for reading, but I did get round at last to Sarah Duncan’s Another Woman’s Husband which I bought at the book launch back in May. Despite the racy cover and a review in the Telegraph that labelled it ‘chick … Continue reading Not a chick in sight