Tall order

2 thoughts on “Tall order”

  1. But I like plain cake. I can only occasionally cope with small slices of pzazz pudding. So as a reader the publishers aren’t really catering for me.

    As a writer I know that I have to be different to show up in the crowd but five examples of pzazz on every page is not for me. I received some sound advice from an agent recently. She told me to make her care about my main character from the very first page. So I’m adding icing piped on with swirly patterns. Let’s hope it’ll be enough.


  2. Hi Rosalind
    I know what you mean about plain cake and think of myself as a ‘less is more’ writer. But I think that even spare writing needs is a bit of sparkle. Trying it out at the mo on a short story, though I’m not sure anyone would notice!


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