The Joy of Being Edited – and a festival in St Andrews

Amongst the many delights of signing with Linen Press has been the unexpected joy of having an editor. I’ve been in more than one writing critique group and learned lots from writing workshops, so I consider myself quite a good self-editor, but having lived with Blink for several years and in multiple versions, I hadn’t … Continue reading The Joy of Being Edited – and a festival in St Andrews

Whose story is it anyway?

As cop shows go,  Line of Duty (Tuesdays BBC2) strikes me as a cut above the average. No surprise when I realised the writer is Jed Mercurio, (remember the almost fly-on-wall style Bodies? – how could I forget!) Although in LoD there’s none of the jerky camera thing, the casting is really great, the characters … Continue reading Whose story is it anyway?

Tall order

What makes a book stand out from the crowd? Agents tell us they are looking for ‘good stories well told’. But in an age when everyone wants to write and very many can, being good simply isn’t enough. You actually have to be brilliant. So what constitutes brilliance exactly? In revamping a novel regarded as … Continue reading Tall order

The way you tell ’em

Can you tell a joke? I find it’s not that easy. You heard this particular joke a while back. It’s a good joke and  you think you remember how it goes and so off you go. ‘Listen to this one,’ you say. But half way through you realise it’s not going to work because you’ve somehow given … Continue reading The way you tell ’em