Memento Mori

4 thoughts on “Memento Mori”

  1. Alison,
    thank you for a little bit of an insight into what ‘Classics’ actually is (the subject actually came up in our house while watching ‘Too Poor for Posh School’ last week on Channel 4.

    Shamefully, being the kind of person whose education was pure science nerd I had to admit that beyond learning about ancient history and literature I didn’t really know what it entailed.

    Don’t envy you having to read ‘Greek Word Order’ though… I think I’d stick to books about chemistry (but that is just me)


    1. Chemistry definitely all Greek to me (I actually found Greek pretty hard too!)
      Apparently classicists do make good computer programmers, though. Something to do with logic, apparently, or the analytical mind.


      1. I remember being told at Uni that doing chemistry proved you could cram a lot of knowledge in your bonce in pretty short order and so could pick other stuff up… Never been very convinced by the argument though.

        As for Greek, another language is bad enough, but one that doesn’t even use the same character set is just asking for trouble…


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