The Stone Gallows

Picking up The Stone Gallows  by C. David Ingram (Myrmidon, 2009) I wasn’t at all sure this was going to be my cup of tea. I don’t as a rule read crime, and although I make an exception for Rebus (mainly because  Rankin’s voice resonates with me  on some deep level) I’m finding I’ve started to lose interest in the … Continue reading The Stone Gallows

Scottish season

An extended sojourn with Scottish literature has kept these half-forgotten  words crowding in thick and fast.  Here are a few that might require translation. Cowp   – spill or tip Warsle – wrestle or struggle with Fykie – fiddly Fankled – tangled (especially of wool or thread) Havers, havering –  rubbish, ranting, talking like a mad … Continue reading Scottish season