Everyone a winner?

Two years ago I was short-listed for the Winchester Conference short  story prize and this year was a bit  disappointed when my entry didn’t get anywhere. But one nice thing about Winchester  is that every entry (winner or ‘loser’) gets feedback from one of the judges. Mine arrived today and this year it is not in … Continue reading Everyone a winner?

The Writer’s Journey

On returning from a conference, the writer was asked if her attendance there had been a success. Her answer was that, on a personal level, this was probably not the case, since although she had achieved her ambition of meeting not just one but two literary agents, neither of them seemed likely to add her … Continue reading The Writer’s Journey

Waiting game

I’m a bit frustrated that the Winchester Writers’ Conference still hasn’t published its programme for July. With Ailsa almost ready to go out to ‘critical friends’ I am determined to take her along this year. Even if I don’t get any interest, I can at least achieve my lifelong ambition of seeing an agent (any agent!) … Continue reading Waiting game

End Game

I have now written the last piece of the plot of my W.I.P. and have only a chapter or so of ‘loose ends’ to tidy up. Am I celebrating? Actually, no. Because I find writing the act of finishing a novel a strangely vicarious pleasure. Last time it proved no pleasure at all, but more … Continue reading End Game