The Writer’s Journey

8 thoughts on “The Writer’s Journey”

  1. Perhaps Literary Conferences are as useful as Literary Writing Degrees and their like. Isn’t it amazing that Shakespeare, Trollope , Dickens and the rest ever managed to put pen to paper?

    Why not do what Libby Cone did with War on the Margins? Write what you are driven to write from inside yourself and use the blogosphere to launch it.

    Good luck.


    1. Hi Maureen – thanks for offering me some consolation, though you’ll see from my reply to Richard I have regained some equanimity today! I think every writer would like the vindication that commercial publication confers, but I do see the attraction of ‘going it alone’. One agent I spoke to actually suggested that Sugar Daddy might sell 5000 if self-published. Peanuts to a big publisher? Sounds a lot to me!


  2. Isn’t that just one of those rules that is there for the breaking? For instance, the narrative can be pushed along at a fine old rate by a bit of first person writing…

    Mark Billingham (think Ian Rankin but London rather than Edinburgh) used first person very effectively in a couple of his books for writing about the actual crimes being committed, seeing them through the perpetrators eyes and getting some sympathy with the reasons for the actions.

    BTW, hope Ellie’s job interview went okay. I wait with baited breathe to hear about my Friday interview, but I’ve also persuaded myself that they probably saw a whole swathe of people more eminently suitable!


    1. Most of the books I’ve read this year have been, coincidentally, first person narratives. Having said that, I do know there are disadvantages of first person and take on the nose some of the points that were made to me. Hope the post didn’t come across as sour grapes, but it does feel like ‘rules’ for a first novelist are tougher (perhaps rightly) than for those who are already established. On the other hand if a book has enough of the mythical ‘wow’ factor, the odd trangression would no doubt be overlooked.
      Hope it’s a case of no news is good news on the job front – to make things livelier Ellie is in competition with a best friend!


  3. Oh no! Mine is in the first person! I started off writing 3rd, er, several books ago, and this is my first in first and i love it…

    Glad you gleaned something positive from it, anyway:)



    1. Sam – thanks for calling. Maybe it’s time for an exception that proves the rule … fingers crossed!


  4. Mine’s in the first person and is my debut novel. It’s also commercial women’s fiction. My second novel (that I’m writing now) is in the first person for 2 characters and third person for 2 characters. Whether my agent/editor will approve, I have no idea!


  5. Hi Calistro
    Congrats on breaking the first-novel-first-person taboo. Will look out for ‘Heaven’ in the shops.


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