Living and giving (2)

2 thoughts on “Living and giving (2)”

  1. What a courageous thing to do, even for someone close. I believe I could do it, in theory, but don’t know if I would actually be able to go through with it. Here’s to all those fantastic people who do!

    I hope your friend and his father have long and happy lives.


  2. I’ve been on the bone marrow donor register for a long time, and I sometimes wonder what would happen if they rang me up. But at least you replace bone marrow, a kidney is something you’ve only got 2 of!! But for Mum, Dad or daughter I think I’d do it. And I don’t think I’ve done too much to damage them if they were needed. :o)

    Must start donating platelets again though (they rang me up last week to ask whether I could go again). If you have the ability to sit still for a couple of hours you can do it and its just like blood doning (just takes longer). And you can do it very regularly (I used to do once a fortnight!), and get double ‘points’ which is why I’ve got more than 300 donations to my name…


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