50,000 Today

Not the number of snowflakes I have watched flutter down today, or the number of kids released from school to play in the snow, but (more impressively for me!) the number of words that now make up my Work in Progress.  To celebrate the big five o-o-o-o, I ‘downed tools’ and took to the local slopes … Continue reading 50,000 Today

Silver Lining?

It was all going so well (too well?) with the WIP. There I was, chugging along to the 20,000 mark, when my second (and final) tutorial on my writing course came along to put the mockers on what I have done so far. (Okay, I exaggerate, but we writers have fragile egos!) Clearly all advice is … Continue reading Silver Lining?

Bloomin’ marvellous

  No, this isn’t the local stately home or municipal park, this is Our Garden This Evening. If you’re surprised by the bizarre fountain (officially styled ‘Gothic Boy with Dolphin’ – ?) it was bequeathed by previous owners of the house. We keep meaning to get rid, but now it’s a case of ‘I’ve grown … Continue reading Bloomin’ marvellous

Quick, quick, slow

Draft 2 of the WIP is a slow process, or that’s how it seems. My current method goes like this: Check outline (though this is pretty much in my head) for what my next scene will be Look at Draft 1a or 1b (so many already!) and identify something I’ve written previously that will do the … Continue reading Quick, quick, slow