A W.I.P. is born

For non-writers, that’s ‘work in progress’, by the way.  And what better time than January to move on? I have now redrafted eight chapters of TWE in first person and with a number of plot tweaks. I think I like it more than I did, but for now, (pace the odd competition) I don’t think … Continue reading A W.I.P. is born

Sunrise, sunset

Had a sobering thought yesterday when I heard mail delivery (i.e. by the postman) being described as a ‘sunset industry’. Hang on, I thought, as a novelist whose primary aspiration is to get into print, am I also part of a sunset medium,  soon to be supplanted by e-books, downloads or just one big blogosphere? It’s not … Continue reading Sunrise, sunset

First impressions

Writers are always being urged to provide dramatic and memorable openings, but a post on Random Distractions sent me on a tour of my own bookshelves to discover that amongst even the worthiest of contemporary novels, great first sentences are hard to find.  Determined to find something better, I resorted to Google which reminded me … Continue reading First impressions

End Game

I have now written the last piece of the plot of my W.I.P. and have only a chapter or so of ‘loose ends’ to tidy up. Am I celebrating? Actually, no. Because I find writing the act of finishing a novel a strangely vicarious pleasure. Last time it proved no pleasure at all, but more … Continue reading End Game