First impressions

3 thoughts on “First impressions”

  1. The other greate Iain Banks opening has to be the completely masterful ‘The Wasp Factory’:

    “I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped.”

    I’ve got a friend who loves Iain Banks’ science fiction stuff, but has *never* read The Wasp Factory (or Crow Road for that matter). I keep on trying to push them, and the wonderful Complicity…


    1. Just found another great opener. ‘No one had seen her naked until her death.’ Sarah Dunant ‘The Birth of Venus’ – actually refers to a nun. Confess to not having read The Wasp Factory but like IB’s style especially Crow Road.


      1. You should definitely read ‘The Wasp Factory’. I have to say its one of the most audacious books I think I’ve ever read, especially when you think that it was his first published novel.

        The only problem I had with it is because I’m a chemist. There is a bit at the end involving potassium bromide where I thought ‘his Dad is a spectroscopist’! I’m just such a nerd!


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