Jackson Brodie in Edinburgh

3 thoughts on “Jackson Brodie in Edinburgh”

  1. I enjoyed one Good Turn very much indeed, as I did its predecessor – and find Jackson Brodie quite adorable! I think Atkinson plays with and teases her readers all the time and I too felt that Rebus was always just around the corner in these books (probably disappearing into a bar!).

    Averse though I am to speculating on fictional characters outside the confines of the books in which they appear, it did strike me while reading One Good Turn that Brodie and Rebus would not get on at all well!

    I confess that I’ve found Atkinson’s playfulness a little overdone in some of her novels, but in the Brodie books it was well judged and most engaging.


  2. PS – this is so bizarre – my bookshelves are a total muddly mess, as witness various photos on my blog. I just went across my study to switch on my printer and noticed in the jumble on one shelf, One Good Turn, lying sideways on, on top of Exit Music! It was obviously meant to be!


  3. Think I probably liked Case Histories better than OGT despite it’s rather sombre side. I notice that with Julia gone Jackson is free to stay for a new ‘adventure’ (and no doubt a new woman). Hope it doesn’t become too much of a series!. And must try to stop thinking of who one would cast as JB in TV version. (move on girl, life is too short!)


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