Writing romance

4 thoughts on “Writing romance”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Liz.
    for the record, here are the over 50s that are reckoned to still ‘have what it takes’ (Think I might stop at no. 7 – otherwise a few wrinkles too many for me!)
    1. Pierce Brosnan, 2. Harrison Ford, 3. Ranulph Fiennes. 4. Bill Nighy, 5. Liam Neeson, 6. Sam Neill 7. Sean Connery 8. peter O’Toole, 9. Clint Eastwood, 10. Omar Shariff


  2. On the whole I agree with your choice except for Johnny Depp. He is very good looking but does not really match your given criteria. I must say I would have had Richard Armitage in first place after watching his performance in North & South, and I agree with your choices of Daniel Craig and Sean Bean.


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