A genre by any other name …

4 thoughts on “A genre by any other name …”

  1. You make a good point and I agree that the last thing we’d want to do is restrict our readership based on our age. It’s a tricky issue to resolve, how to market books like this. Perhaps the smart thing to do would be to write books that are obviously YA or obviously Adult, but for some reason my heart and mind keep taking me back to ‘New Adult’-type stories (in terms of age of the protagonist, narrative and content). I’ll be watching the market with interest to see if anyone develops a good solution!


  2. Hi Cally
    Thanbks for visiting. I agree, our lives would be easier if we could stick to the recognised genre, but like you I just ‘go with the flow’. I’d be interested to know how an agent or editor would classify my book if and when it gets that far.


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