Mrs. Kindle and the Slushpile

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Kindle and the Slushpile”

  1. Excellent post, Alison. I hope self-published authors will take note. I have read many badly edited self-pubs and independents, I took down load extract to Kindle before buying, as I do any book now. A small amount of poor grammar I can take, after all most authors write as they think and speak. Bad and sloppy writing, I cannot. Too many write their first book then put out as ebook without any thought to the editing and proofing stages and think they have written a masterpiece. then wonder why nobody wants to buy it.


    1. Hi Kit
      I often think even ‘mainstream’ books could do with better editing these days. Another reason to do it as best we can before it gets there. AliB


  2. oo oo oo can’t resist telling you about a book I LOVE. Saturdays Are Gold by Pierre Van Rooyen I will be completely honest and divulge my vested interest. I loved it so much when I read a version of it years ago that I set up a publishing company with my husband in the wild dream we might one day get to publish it. And on 25th of this month it comes out in hardback and time-limited special edition ebook on Kindle.

    It was great before we starting ‘perfecting it’ and now it is something very special.
    Pierre is the safest pair of hands you will ever be in when you start reading. If you find a typo syntax grammar error etc in the entire book I will be so mortified – because numerous team members have gone over this with a fine tooth-comb I want it to be so perfect so as not to let the content and writing down in any way.

    The content? Well this is the blurb – Two children growing up in 1940s South Africa are told to stay away from lonely places because there is a child abductor on the loose. What could possibly go wrong?

    Young Maudie doesn’t realise she has a ‘gift’ that seems more like a curse to her brother Tadpole who is the only person aware of it.

    If Roald Dahl, Gerald Durrell and Stephen King had teamed up to write a South African version of To Kill a Mockingbird they might have produced something like this.

    A moving, exciting, sometimes scary, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny adventure set against a South African backdrop so well described it is almost a character in its own right. When you finish this book, the first thing you will want to do – is read it again.

    The book trailer is here on YouTube

    The time-limited Kindle special edition will have a signed bookplate plus a front and back cover with the info and art from the inner dustjacket flaps as on the hardback. It will only be available at an introductory low price for the first month to give all the many people who have supported its journey into publication an opportunity to snaffle something special.

    Apologies for gushing away like this but as you can tell I’m very excited about this and I am also very confident of the quality of Saturdays Are Gold. Very confident indeed.


    1. Good pitch, Michele – sorry I didn’t read the whole thing last night.
      I know a bit about Pierre and Authonomy (where I was for a while). Happy to take a look at a sample if that can be done. No promises how soon. Have a sudden idea I may be about to be snowed under!


  3. Great post, Alison.

    I agree that some mainstream books could also do with better editing. I’ve read a few best sellers recently where the editing left a lot to be desired. Throws me right out of the story.


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