Seat of pants, gift of gab

9 thoughts on “Seat of pants, gift of gab”

  1. Always inspiring, Ali!

    Seat of pants or meticulous plotter, I don’t think it matters as long as the characters come alive. Then they seem to decide things for you, which is a great relief to me as often I haven’t a clue where they’re going. And yes, sometimes what they don’t say – ‘haud their wheesht’ as you so eloquently put it (wheesht is my most oft-used Scottish word in my Anglicised household) – is what makes characterisation, and ultimately, the story, leap out from the page.

    Thanks for this! I don’t hear ‘wheesht’ so often, now the kids have left home.;)


  2. Hi Diana
    I’m having to rediscover some almost forgotten vocab myself, not so much different words as how they were used. ‘Wearied’ and ‘wearying’ was used a lot by my Granny for sadness as well as tiredness. Was also fascinated as a child by ‘the morn’s morn’ for tomorrow morning! Need a trip up north to get back in the vibe!
    Thanks for calling in.


  3. For me it’s not either or, it’s both. I like the trope of writing is going on a journey; it’s helpful to have a map but don’t spend your time looking at it. Take time to admire the view.
    Anyway, it’s all going to be changed because ‘writing is rewriting.’


  4. Hi Paul
    Completely identify with the ‘writing is rewriting’ idea. IMO you can’t get it right until you’ve got something (however wrong) to work with.


  5. It’s wonderful to hear someone else grappling with a novel in that way. I am a total grappler. Maybe that’s a category in itself?


  6. Plotter or seat-of-pantser, a writer should do what is best for the story. I’ve found with every new story I have to write it differently- probably because I’m a new person when I begin a new story.


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