Guest appearance: Welcome Harriet Smart

6 thoughts on “Guest appearance: Welcome Harriet Smart”

  1. Interesting to hear of someone else going down the e-route. It gets more and more tempting. Have just downloaded a sample chapter of The Butchered Man and look forward to the read. Shirley.


  2. What a fascinating interview. It is particularly inspiring for those of us who are considering self publishing as an option. It’s great to hear that someone who has been traditionally published can then self publish and be so positive about it all. Thank you for a great interview, both of you.


  3. Thanks and hello! Great interview with Harriet; you both covered a lot of ground. Timed to perfection, too, with Blasted Heath’s launch today. You’re right – indie is respectable. It’s liberating and democratic and opens so many different avenues. I love that it’s now acceptable to experiment and to change your mind and even use both indie and mainstream publishers…
    Exciting times ahead.


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