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  1. Very interesting Ali, I had absolutely no idea that any of this existed. (Duh!) Am checking out Scrivener. Do you think they might modify it in future, so that I can just write a rough bit of prose and then press the ‘Atwood’ button to have it rendered into ‘Award-winning fiction’ ? Thanks for this.


  2. Yes, all this IS interesting. I trialled Scrivener during NaNoWriMo but, because I was pantsing, sometimes achieving 3 to 5,000 words a day, I found it hard to pick up Scrivener at that time. I did export my first draft at the seven chapters stage from Word into Scrivener and saving it as an rtf in order to do so and, well, when I opened up my novel in Scrivener, all the speech marks had gone, replaced with question-marks! This might not seem much of a problem to fix with find and replace but then I would have the problem of question marks that were meant to be there being converted into speech marks. Exhausted? Yes, I was. And like you, I would prefer if you could have all the relevant research in the appropriate chapters and couldn’t see a way round that either.

    A friend has said to persevere, swears by it, etc., so I may have another go for my second draft, which is currently now back safely in Word. I did buy Scrivener and, as I got it for a reduced rate as a NaNo ‘winner’, I suppose I don’t have much financial loss to consider. But it would be good to see if it would be useful in the future. Like you, I have always loved all the features of Word and don’t see the point in changing. My files of Research, Useful Information, are all just as close to hand!


  3. Thanks for that! Always good to get other people’s experience. I’m ploughing on with my free trial and can see that if I’m not careful I’ll not want to give it up, but now wondering what will happen to those research and associated files when I try exporting. I assume they’ll still exist in some other folder. Might be an idea to try out before I go much further.
    That word ‘safely’ is the giveaway I think!


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