e-pub review: Reach for a Different Sun

5 thoughts on “e-pub review: Reach for a Different Sun”

  1. Her synopsis is in similar style to mine for ‘The Bathonians’ I published on lulu.com. Are we subconsciously using an old formula? If so, what other books have done this?
    ‘The Bathonians’: Kate is at the heart of a group of friends in Bath, England and abroad. Their lives and relationships result in picaresque episodes of love, passion, unexpected alliances, betrayal, trauma, and death. Yet, from the chaos, emerge strange patterns and epiphanies.


    1. Hi Paul
      Interesting! From what I remember of your Bath stories they are very different in style to Jenni’s writing. Also, despite the flashbacks, RFDS, has a more direct plot line (if that makes sense). But yes, I often notice that synopses and pitches have similar ring, as if there’s an expectation they will include stock elements, while the books are probably very dissimilar. A case of how you tell it?


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