Bigger than the Booker

2 thoughts on “Bigger than the Booker”

  1. I’m involved in a possible movie (1066 is in development) as co-screenplay writer. Being honest here? Yes obviously I want the movie (when it is eventually made) to do well, but my main dream is for my book that is about the same subject – the Battle of Hastings from the English point of view – to do even better.
    It will be fun to walk down that red carpet, to receive an Oscar, but so much more rewarding to know my novel is at last receiving the recognition it deserves; not for me, but for my characters.

    Oh and I’ve already thought about my Oscar frock. I’ve decided on an orange colour to totally clash with the carpet so I get instantly noticed by the media #laugh.


  2. Hi Helen
    Movie project sounds v. exciting, but yes, fame itself isn’t the only spur. Always good to have the frock planned, though. So much more important than the winner’s speech 😉
    P.S. Have never read a book about the Battle of Hastings itself – brill idea. Seem to remember Needle in the Blood, about Bayeaux tapestry, is similar period?


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