e-books and p-books, or how to furnish a room

6 thoughts on “e-books and p-books, or how to furnish a room”

  1. Some very-thought provoking comments here, Alison, and ones to which hadn’t crossed my mind before. A bookless library, empty shelves…. a dusting hater’s dream and booklover’s worst nightmare. Must be a book in there somewhere. Thanks for making me sit up and think.


  2. Do you know, I struggle with the same issues. I am a very recent convert to e-books, and am an e-book-only author myself at this time. I have fallen in love with my Kindle, but there’s one thing that’s nagging me apart from not having a paper copy ‘souvenir’. Which is… when you pick up a p-book, every time, without fail, you glance at the cover, and the cover builds an identity of the book for you. Kindle (at least, can’t speak for other brands) is missing a trick by displaying random screen savers rather than, say, the cover of the book you’re currently reading. That, to me, is one of the hardest things and biggest disadvantages of e-books. I have to make a conscious decision to go and see the cover; and with new authors, I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself of their name while I’m reading. That impedes the book’s identity building in my mind. Just a thought from a book lover… X Great feature, thank you!!


  3. Hi Nicky – yes, I agree on the cover thing, and since no one knows what you’re reading (some people like this privacy feature!), the book misses out on publicity. I think we need some magic that makes the outside of an e-reader reflect what’s curently being read.
    My other bugbear is that although I have got used to judging how far throuh a book I am as a precentage (!) I still miss knowing how long (big!) the book is as a whole, I suppose to know if I’m tackling a blockbuster or near-novella. I assume the file size gives it away, but don’t think I’ll ever be able to judge a book by its kilobytes!


  4. TOTALLY agree. Although, to be fair, Amazon.com offers an estimated page number for Kindle books and I have had a couple of e-books that had page numbers with them, even though I couldn’t see them while reading. Haven’t quite found out how to make that work yet… But there is something about holding a hefty book in your hand and knowing that you’re in for hours and hours of reading pleasure… Still, I like my Kindle. (Split reading preference disorder?)


  5. Oh, have never found that estimated page feature – must look more closely! Do you think that’s based on average pbk pages? Kindle screenfuls would presumably vary depending on text size.
    (Best not to worry and keep reading!)


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