Getting published – a third way

7 thoughts on “Getting published – a third way”

  1. Hi Kit – lemon cake is already made. Kettle will be on in good time 🙂

    Kate – thanks for visiting – maybe see you Tuesday too?



  2. Thanks for investigating this Alison, it’s v bewildering trying to understand how these new business models work and whether you will emerge a victor or a victim, if you get involved with them. Equally how do traditional publishers view you, if you go down this route? Does it ultimately limit you to staying with e-publishing?


  3. Hi
    It’s a puzzle, isn’t it? I suppose the only answer is to ask what deal is on the table. To get an answer you may have to submit – and be accepted!
    I have heard that mainstream publishers are now more accepting of previously self/indie published books – and one definition of this is that the author retains the rights to the material. That would be a safeguard I suppose?
    I think we are all working it out as we go along!


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