My guilty pleasures: real or imagined?

4 thoughts on “My guilty pleasures: real or imagined?”

  1. I obviously don’t watch enough television then as I’ve never heard or seen of MB. Colin Firth certainly had something in that wet shirt but sadly it didn’t have the same effect in Mama Mia, nor his singing. No, there are only two that do it for me no matter what character they play – Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood (yes I know he’s old and wrinkly now, but so am I).
    Again a great post, Alison. Thank you.


  2. Hi Kit, liking your choices there. I feel a proprietary interest in Daniel Craig since I spotted him before his Bond days. And I seem to remember waxing lyrical about Richard Armitage not so long ago. (So many heroes, so little time!)


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