Neither a lender nor a borrower be (on Kindle at any rate)

7 thoughts on “Neither a lender nor a borrower be (on Kindle at any rate)”

  1. This is always an interesting topic. This is exactly why I struggle with getting to involved with my Kindle. Buying books all the time really racks up and my local library only loans nonfiction ebooks and without a lot of variety. I actually prefer making a weekly trip to the library, browsing the shelfs, and randomly picking something I never thought I’d read. Thanks for the insight!


  2. Hi MM and Louise
    Thanks for visiting and contributing to the discussion. I am also a great believer in libraries and feel quite guilty for not getting down there more often. Apart from the books they are great social and community hubs.


  3. I find myself buying books I love in both Kindle and print editions, so I’ve got the handy handbag-size reader but can still lend/flick through/stroke nice glossy cover etc. Not sure whether I’ve got best of both worlds or worst of both worlds(e.g effectively paying twice for a single book!) but don’t want to give up either!


  4. Hi Debbie
    I sympathise – have not yet bought a ‘double’ edition but I’ve been tempted. If only publishers would cater for this need and give e-book discount for those who also buy the paper copy.
    I’ve just taken a peek at your blog, by the way – lovely photos – real or virtual!


  5. Hi Alison
    Very interesting – I too worry about the loss of sharing and connection with others, and particularly the serendipity point. I have kindle on my lap top but no reader: somehow I don’t want to carry yet another electronic device around with me. I do borrow from my library and buy from my local bookshop, sometimes random second hand paperbacks by people I’ve never heard of. I also went through a phase of only allowing myself to read books that were already in the house – many left there by my daughters, that I would not have read otherwise. And I do find the ‘you might also like’ a bit creepy. Problem I have at the moment is in a small house is there is no more physical space for books and I can’t bring myself to get rid of any! Hence recently increased library borrowing . . a space-saving device.


  6. Hi Susan
    Yes, space is a problem! I decided some time ago to keep only books I have either really liked or have a sentimental attachment to, but sometimes I remember a book I have discarded and wish it was there to remind me I did read it. Why? No idea! I now try to add the things I read to Librarything, but it’s not the same! In this week’s post (above) I also lament how Kindle reduces everyting to pretty much the same typogrphical format. I’ve heard this described as the most ‘pure’ form of literature, but I can’t go along with that. Typography and layout add to the experience of a book. I hope future apps (?) take account of this – somehow.


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