Every Step of the Way – e-publishing review

3 thoughts on “Every Step of the Way – e-publishing review”

  1. It’s a fantastic book! I just finished reading it and I got so absorbed in it all, I could barely put it down. I loved the descriptions, and my heart went out to Beth literally at every step of the way. It’s hard to believe that only a few short decades ago–in my mother’s lifetime, in fact!–women had such a different place in society. Brilliantly written and unputdownable. So Alison’s review is totally spot on as far as I’m concerned, congrats to Kit and thanks to Ali for voicing my thoughts! XX


  2. Lovely book, isn’t it, Nicky? I was actuallly born in 1953 (oops!) and was still surprised by how primitive life in the country was then. – candles and outside loos 😦
    Only thing I would say is that there were older women in business or at least living independent lives – a legacy of WW1 as very few men were left.
    Ali B


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