Slush or slurry, wheat and chaff: the e-book landslide

2 thoughts on “Slush or slurry, wheat and chaff: the e-book landslide”

  1. You hit the vital point. It’s the readers in the end who buy/download a book, who read it and critique it. And they’ll tell their friends in real life, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s a harsh, but clarifying process. The good stuff will rise to the top, but there’s still a fair bit of murk to get through.

    Authors who care about quality will follow a parallel route of traditional publishers in that they’ll have their work edited, printed on good paper and market it in a good cover and a professional atttude. Those who don’t will stay in the murk and slush


  2. Thanks, Alison for taking the time to comment. As long as the story is pulling me along I find I am less sensitive to the odd typo in an e-book (let’s face it you get plenty in most commercially published novels these days) but the book still has to have a professional feel in content style and presentation. Wonky formatting on Kindle is a bugbear of mine. As I understand it you can preview before publishing. Why not just get it right?
    Ali B


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