Shirley Wright talks about ‘Time Out of Mind’

23 thoughts on “Shirley Wright talks about ‘Time Out of Mind’”

  1. What a great interview! There is definitely a chemistry of friendship between you both that comes through. Made it all the more interesting, knowing that it wasn’t a ‘plastic’ concoction …. enjoy the clotted cream tea Ali and Shirley.


  2. Wonderful, interesting and insightful interview, Alison. Most enjoyable. One you both should be proud of. Shirley is a born writer and my heartiest congratulations to her on Time Out of Mind. Am sure her book will do well. Read it, folks, it’s well worth it. And am so looking forward to reading more of Shirley’s poetry. Thank you both.


      1. Hi Sheryl – being late at my own party even I may have missed the scones! Thanks for coming and good luck in the draw!


  3. I’m looking forward to reading this! Love Cornwall, and the whole ghost/murder intrigues me. My writing – as yet unpublished – is difficult to pigeon hole into a specific genre too, mainly because of its style; ths makes Shirley’s book a curious read.


    1. Hi Annie – thanks for coming along. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book – it’s so atmospheric. The whole genre thing can be a bit of a red-herring, I think.


  4. Well as the sun is over the yard arm, I might even get out the sherry/gin/wine.
    Thanks for taking the time Linn esp as I guess you are still on holiday. Good luck with your own launch.


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