Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir

11 thoughts on “Dead Wood by Chris Longmuir”

  1. Thank you for a brilliant review, Ali. It was totally unexpected because I was unaware you were doing it. But what a lovely surprise to find it here. As for the hooker and the snakes, believe me, there is a real life equivalent and I’ve been in that room!


    1. Hi Chris – Some years ago I used to do ‘party plan’ her in Bristol and once arrived at my hostess’s place to discover the room full of snake tanks – very disconcerting, and obviously not just a Dundee thing!


    1. The next book is in its final throes, Kit, and I’ll be down on bended knee looking for your services as an editor, so maybe you want to let Dead Wood escape from the mountain so you can get a flavour of my style! Of course I risk having you say ‘get another editor, it’s not for me!’


  2. What a fabulous review! I can see why you were so pleased, Chris. That’s one happy bunny tonight. 🙂 Well done, girls! :xx


  3. I read this soon after it came out. Since Chris and I had met already, first virtually then for real, I knew I had to read it. So, I put on my publicist hat and rustled up some interest in copies here in Canada and contacted Polygon. The result? Twelve signed by the author copies came to Canada. I loved Dead Wood. I’ve only been through Dundee – first time by way of the bus station and the second time passing through on our way back to Glasgow by way of Carnoustie (family there).
    Dead Wood was absolutely brilliant! And possibly even scarier (only because i know the Templeton Woods murders) than Night Watcher.


  4. Hi Melanie – great transatalantic work! And I am totally embarassed at not realising the original Templeton woods murders were factual. Been away from Scotland too long!


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