Heaven and earth: some books for the weekend

7 thoughts on “Heaven and earth: some books for the weekend”

  1. I liked A Perfectly Good Man… very cleverly done and well worth a read. I really admire how he uses different points of view, different times and is not chronological. He did a similar thing with ‘Notes From An Exhibition’. Sort of thing I would love to be able to do….. The person who really did it well is Jennifer Egan ‘A Visit From The Good Squad’. However, I did find A Perfectly Good Man almost too neatly done. I didn’t care quite enough about the characters.
    Thank you for another great blog and have a good read!


  2. Hi Harriet
    I didn’t find it too neat, but agree so many view points made it difficult to fall in love with any character.I think this may have been deliberate, but I would have been happy to focus more on Barnaby. Also surpised that Modest had no redeeming features – or path to redemption. Maybe symbolic? – or just a villain!


  3. Yeah… I think I agree with you about wanting more on Barnaby…. and I guess that is the danger in having so many viewpoints. each chapter is almost a story in itself, which is perhaps what i meant about being ‘neat’, so after a bit it is like you daren’t commit too much to any single person because you realise you not going to be allowed quite enough of any of the characters. And maybe this was deliberate?! Very clever anyway. Harriet


  4. I’m quite fancying Some Kind of Fairytale – being a writer of paranormal myself, I’m going to give that one a try. Thanks for the recommendation.


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