Either an author or a publisher be

7 thoughts on “Either an author or a publisher be”

  1. I can completely sympathise about trying to self-publish when you’ve done all the rest of the book, the most important part – writing it!! I think we ‘novelists’ are expecting so much of ourselves… to do it all. It’s such a different activity from the actual writing. Fine, I guess, if you are a techie. I admire you for doing it. I know for myself that I want the support of a publisher, and SilverWood Books have been fantastic!! Good luck with it. I’m sure the book will be great, and lovely to hold in our hand and read.


    1. Thanks Harriet. In some ways I don’t mind the process because it is copletely different from writing – rather as editing is. I think I would just like to be more of an expert!


  2. I completely understand that feeling. I too published with FeedARead and it took a couple of months before I felt happy with what I was doing. I would have loved some help with the final book but it must have been alright because I did it again with the last book rather than go with a publisher who would have done that for me.
    Good luck with it all Ali and I’ll look out for you on the FeedARead list. 🙂


  3. Hi CArol – yes, I think I would have liked more time to get to grips with some of the finer points. I suppose I can always have a second edition!


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