Going out with a bang: do’s and dont’s of writing about sex

13 thoughts on “Going out with a bang: do’s and dont’s of writing about sex”

  1. Love it! The blog, I mean. It’s always hard to write good sex that’s fresh and not full of cliche. I think all three passages work, and I find it interesting how the topic is handled through the different decades. PS, is it safe to come out from under the cover yet?


  2. I always blush when I am typing sex scenes! This is great advice and I particularly like the first passage…might buy Hubby some Viagra for Christmas and get practising for the next novel, 50 shades of Going Pink.


  3. Ahem. This made me smile as I started reading, Ali: ‘have it thrust under our noses’! Haw, haw! When I subbed an ms (a while ago) to the RNA NWS, it came back with a reasonable critique, but(!) where was the sex, they wanted to know. I closed the door! As the characters involved were nervous and each struggling with a turmoil of conflicting emotion, the reader assumed they didn’t just have a nice cup of tea together behind that door :). What did they do? The reader needed to know! So I told her. 😉 That book is Warrant for Love, just pubbed – and, yep, people are quite liking the s-e-x scenes. They needed to be there, sex being a complication or hurdle in the relationship they character had to get over (if you’ll excuse pun). I bit the bullet. I’m glad I did. I am, however, always open to suggestions in the bedroom department. 🙂 Thank you! xx


  4. Well done Sheryl for grasping the nettle (?) I think s-e-x usually is a factor and one that’s acknowledged these days, not kept under wraps. (that’s more than enough metaphors for one day, I think. Cheers!


  5. Totally agree ladies, sometimes sex needs to be in the story for realism, but it’s all about the right context. I clicked on a link the other day and it took me through to an extract from an erotica novel – it was blatant (as you would expect) but do you know, it wasn’t the least bit sexy…. nicely done Ali!


  6. I liked it too and I like reading about the different ways of approaching this topic. It’s one of the most crucial things in writing, surely – I mean you have to decide whether to show it or not and in today’s reading climate I think there’s much less reticence about showing. Really interesting stuff which I’ll direct my students to (currently teaching about 45 of them). I also enjoyed Catherine Czerkawska’s recent post. Maybe if it doesn’t make you blush, it’s not much good?


  7. Hi Catherine – glad you agree with the approach. I still have Amber Heart in my TBR pile so look forward to seeing you how you do it.
    David – goodness, not sure I’ve been used for teaching purposes before – but if your 45 students would like to buy copies of my book that will be fine by me 😉 There are one or two more sex scenes but I’d like to think the stuff in between is also worth reading!
    Thanks for dropping in.
    Ali B


    1. I’m sure that could be arranged.
      *rushes off to invesitgate*
      Can I contact you via Twitter? I’m @AliBacon and have followed you – I think!


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