Author platform – who needs it?

6 thoughts on “Author platform – who needs it?”

  1. Creating an authors platform is a necessity! Period! It is the basis from which you go. Smart authors use all the new features that one can use to minimize time, all these automatic links from your wordpress blog or your website to Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and most of all: Google+ and Goodreads. You write your blog posts once and they are automatically pinged to all the social media sites you are with. I just explained it in a blog post

    Plug-ins can also be installed for free for every wordpress blogger: SHARE buttons that ping your posts. Just go to >Settings and then >Sharing. More info can be found here:
    Motto: Don’t work harder, word smarter (on your author platform)!

    How will your future readers find your book?
    You send your potential book buyers mostly from these platform features to your Amazon page where they search your book, your reviewers and decide if they purchase it.


    1. I edited your comment but thanks for the reminder of the received wisdom. I do use the sharing features and find them useful. Ali B.


  2. I read that book too and I have tried some of his suggestions. The results haven’t sent me running to the bank with bag loads of money. I think we have to view building an on line presence and marketing as long term commitments. Good thing books don’t rot like tomatoes.


  3. Yikes! If I spend any more time on line Hubby will divorce me.
    Building up a solid platform has taken me two and half years and many hours of effort. It was worth it because lots of my blog followers buy my books and tell their friends too. I recently made the brave decision to change from Blogger to WordPress and now shall have to start again, so the advice above about plug-ins etc is useful.
    Some days though, I am just not sure I have the energy to keep up this full-time occupation. Besides, I’d really like to find time to write some more books!
    I guess we’ll just have to stick at it. We live in modern times and a very competitive industry.
    Back to the on line socialising…


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