The nice thing about blogging

7 thoughts on “The nice thing about blogging”

    1. Yes, will have to bump him off! By the way also relieved to see you missed the worst of the floods. Was thinking of you at the time. Of course still v. upsetting for the whole community. Ali B


    1. Thanks Anneli! also likied Orion’s Gift – fascinating setting esp as DD was heading for Mexico at the time. Will try to get a review up sometime. Ali B


  1. In relation to this and your previous post, for the Luddites among those us (I’ve only just got around to blogging after hosting a website for my short stories for the past few years) it can seem overwhelming, so it helps to have sites like yours to follow. Maybe for me it will be a matter of doing it in a spirit of (serious) play, not worrying too much about the outcome, but also making sure I follow up any opportunities to make links with other writers. (A couple of years ago you kindly mentioned my short story Elementary Mechanics after seeing it in The Yellow Room and even though I emailed to say I was impressed with your blog I was too reserved to make a comment! Hardly the way to go about building my profile.)
    Anyway, it’s great to see you’re still at it and I’ll be following you from now on, Alison. Mega congratulations on the novel. The pitch sounds intriguing and I might have to temporarily renounce my Amazon boycott to read it.


    1. Hello Annecdotist – great to hear from you,. Even a ‘hardened blogger’ gets a buzz from knowing there’s someone out there taking an interest. I think play is a good plan – that way you’ll enjoy it and that will come through. Like your website by the way – looks very smart. And if you do feel tempted to take a look at ‘Kettle’ the pback can be ordered elsewhere eg Waterstones. AliB


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