Claire King and The Night Rainbow

8 thoughts on “Claire King and The Night Rainbow”

  1. Great post and fascinating to be able to read the editors’ notes and copy editors’ comments to Clair’s work. Most enlightening. Thank you, both.


  2. Ditto that and reassuring in a way to know there are eagle-eyed pedants to comb through a book and pick out all the little mistakes. But I’m wondering if you get such attention to detail with the smaller presses?


    1. Hi Anecdotist – not sure, but I’ve seen some books from big guys that were a lot less than perfect. Present company excluded, of course! Ali B


    2. And despite all the meticulous combing through, when The Night Rainbow was being translated to German, the translator found an error! It’ll be fixed in the next edition…and what are the bets that there are still others out there?!


  3. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping in ‘now that the hurly burly’s done’. Hope you are enjoying some R & R back at home. On the editing side I was really pleased that no typos/errros had been picked up in ‘Kettle’ – then got a telling off for a mistake in geography which neither I nor my editor had even thought to check !
    Like you say, there’s probably always going to be something, but hopefuly nothing that completely punctures the experience of reading. Ali B


  4. Errors in the German edition: nicht so gut! But I guess there’s bound to be one or two however careful your checkers are. Mistaken geography: really irritating for anyone intimate with the area but I don’t suppose you thought you were were writing a travelogue? I’m not sure, if you’re writing fiction, it can ever be perfectly factual, it just has to be internally consistent and credible to the average reader. I’m reading a very good novel at the moment that has a psychologist as one of the main characters, which was my profession, and keep coming across tiny details that don’t ring true, but I’m sure so small no one else would notice. Although you do come across some novels where it looks as if the writer hasn’t even tried to get it right…


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