Cover Story: not the usual way to design a book cover but it worked

2 thoughts on “Cover Story: not the usual way to design a book cover but it worked”

  1. I love that cover – and think it is definitely the best choice. My publisher too consults about covers although obviously sales have serious input too. I’ve loved all my covers – they’re good at it, I think – but like yours, the recent one gave us some problems – mostly because the title of the novel contains the word ‘ring’ and yet any cover involving a gold ring, while lovely in the imagination, turns out to be like a cover of Brides Magazine in reality. Then there was a eureka moment from the publisher (not from me, I hasten to add!) The image arrived late one night attached to an email, and blew me away. Turns out everyone was happy. But I think you’re right – you test things out, get feedback, find out what doesn’t work, realise that you will know it when you see it – and suddenly there it is. Congratulations on the book – can’t wait to read it!

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    1. Yes, I love the Posy Ring despite it’s not having a ring! I can’t believe how long I spent looking at cameras which we never used.
      I like all your Saraband covers too and always thought LP were strong in that department even though the books are very varied. So I did have faith – just needed it for a few weeks! They were also very good at knowing when to stop worrying and knowing it was DONE. I probably could have gone on forever. I enjoyed the Curiosity Cabinet so looking forward to TPR (I fancy Cal Galbraith already – great name!).


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